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Do you also want to do something for the environment? Same here, let´s save some trees together! Our goal is that, in a few years time, you will never have to think about your receipt again. We´ll do it for you! Awesome, right?


Who´s your card issuer ? Is it debit or credit? Doesn´t matter – we support them all.


You pay as you usually do – we´ll do the rest!


We think there shouldn´t be any cost to get your receipt digital.


We never hand out your personal information to third part for you to always feel safe with us.

A receipt of a great purchase experience

Life should be easy – why not let that feeling follow you in the store? The first night in the new tent began with a receipt. Let us save it for you along with your other ones in case you´ll have use for it later.

Personalized in-store experience

We care about your personal integrity, but we also believe that you´ll appreciate a more personified in-store experience. Imagine getting ideas, advice and offers in your favorite store, based on your shopping history just by simply swiping your card, phone or wearable! It´s actually possible without you sharing your identity with the merchant. But hey, you can aslo share it if you want to? Either way, the choice is always yours.


You only register once and then automatically get your receipts from all connected stores when paying with your card. And we promise, the number of stores connected to Rezeet grows every day thanks to environment supporters like you.



Push PLAY to see how much easier your life could be


Other thoughts? You´ll find more questions and answers HERE

Can I still have access to my old receipts before I registered to Rezeet? 2018-09-12T13:18:32+00:00

Technically yes, but not according to GDPR.

What will you do with my data? 2018-09-12T13:15:55+00:00

You will always remain anonymous until chosen not to. That means that we will never reveal your identity to no one. What we could inform the merchant of however is your age, gender and geographics etc.

Can I get my receipts connected to my email? 2018-09-12T13:06:09+00:00

Currently you can´t, but it will be possible shortly. The disadvantage with email is that it won´t be as easy to administrate your account compare to the app. It´ll also be harder to find a receipt in your email. If you have a business, you´ll shortly be able to connect your app account to your accounting system which wouldn´t be possible through email. It´s also a risk if you ever decide to change your email address since you then would loose your receipts.

Can I get digital receipts regardless what type of card I´m using? 2018-09-12T12:56:34+00:00

Yes, Rezeet works regardless what card issuer. We support all types of cards; debit – and credit. Shortly you´ll also be able to pay with your phone or wearable.

How much does it cost to use Rezeet? 2018-09-12T12:54:13+00:00

Honestly, nothing. We hope you appreciate it.


It won´t take longer than a few minutes to get started with Rezeet, you´re anonymous and besides – it´s for free.

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 If you have any other questions concerning digital receipts we ask you to first take a look at our FAQ.


We´re preferably reached by email.